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Review: Meeting on Mars

A book you Heard About Online: Meeting on Mars by E. Davies

In 2051, the largest-ever group of settlers arrives at Mars' first and only colony, Byblos. Gorgeous, 23-year-old Reilo Smíthé, the new prodigy in the field of space nutrition, catches the eye of current resident Jay Abram, the current garden expert who doesn't like being upstaged by the new boy wonder.

Jay is working on a program to boost nutrients in vegetables, but Reilo has a lot to say about this project -- none of it good. What happens when Reilo offers to tutor Jay one-on-one in his quarters to get him up to speed on what's happening in space nutrition? Could this be the beginning of a lifelong space romance for them both, or will it just be a one-time fling?

Pretty good erotica, really. They went from pissed off due to professional pride to screwing pretty quickly, but with a short erotic story, it wasn’t out of place. The back ground plot was actually kind of interesting, and I’m considering getting the following stories. A short one for sure, but I honestly didn’t know that when I picked it. Might need to consider a word count minimum before I use another story—however this prompt works for like 90% of my to read list, so I don’t feel I’m cheating. Liked it though.

Rating: B

2014 Reading Bingo

A book with more than 500 Pages
A Forgotten Classic
A Book that Became a Movie
The Maze Runner
A Book Published this Year
Battle of Will
A Book with a Number in the Title
A Book Written by Someone Under Thirty
A Book with Non-Human Characters
A Funny Book
A Book by a Female Author
A Book with a Mystery
A Book with a One-Word Title
A Book of Short Stories
Free Square A Book Set on a Different Continent
A Book of Non Fiction
The First Book by a Favorite Author
A book you Heard About Online
Meeting on Mars
A Best-Selling Book
A Book Based on a True Story
A Book at the Bottom of your To Be Read Pile
A Book Your Friend Loves
The Graveyard Book
A Book that Scares You
A Book that is More Than 10 Years Old
The Second Book in a Series
Ghost Train to New Orleans
A Book with a Blue Cover

Links in the table go to the reviews for that book. The cover links to the Amazon page.

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